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Car Accident Legal Information from Horsham, Pennsylvania

Choosing the right repair shop for your needs in the Horsham area is often a difficult decision. Trust in us for honest, reliable car accident legal information for the state of Pennsylvania.

Legal Information

Pennsylvania Law states that you have the right to choose a collision repair center. After you are involved in an accident, your insurance company might try to steer you to the repair facility of its choice, which may not the best choice for your situation. Many of these facilities are owned by faceless corporations or franchisees, and the repairs are done at cheaper rates that sacrifice quality.

The Right Shop for You

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Your vehicle is valuable, so don't allow your insurance company to pinch pennies at your expense. You do not have to use the shop suggested by your insurance company. Regardless what you are told, you are not required to obtain more than one estimate. Let your insurance company know where you would like the repairs done, and the company will come to an agreement with the shop for an estimate for you.
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